You've probably seen enough silly and hilarious vanity plates in Maine to last you a lifetime. But one of the underrated (and old school) ways to make a statement on your car is the bumper sticker. Most of the time, bumper stickers serve as a push for political candidates, places you've visited or radio stations (hint, hint). But occasionally, someone finds the absolute PERFECT bumper sticker, one that can make everyone come together and laugh. And we think this is it.

Reddit via bluerock456
Reddit via bluerock456

Shared on Reddit by bluerock456, we have to imagine that this truck gets a lot of honks and simultaneous laughter. Honk if you have to poop is bother clever and a potential sign that whomever is driving in front of you better pick up the pace because it could be a bathroom emergency.

If you want to have an additional laugh, there are a few comments in the Reddit thread that are super clever. Our favorite was "honk if you need air in your rear left tire". We went back to the picture and sure enough, a stop at the gas station might serve a dual purpose. Fill that tire up and visit the bathroom.

If you've seen any other hilarious bumper stickers in your travels around Maine, share them with us on our Facebook page.

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