Let's face it, people in the northeast need to drink a lot of coffee to survive. The dreary days, the long winters, overworked and underpaid. Here in Portland, there are plenty of options to get a delicious cup of joe to perk you up or get you through your day. But while Maine has experienced a craft beer craze, something new has been brewing in the coffee world that is beginning to cause a stir.

According to the Portland Press Herald, it's called nitrogen-infused coffee, and coffee drinkers in southern Maine are gulping it down faster than it can be made. The coffee itself is a cold brew, slowly steeped to maximize taste, but along the process is infused with nitrogen to give the coffee a smoother and creamier taste and texture, leaving enthusiasts begging for another cup.

Some coffee shops in the Portland area have seen a boom in sales in the past couple months as word as begun to spread about the nitro coffee. The exciting part for some? Because of how the nitro brew is made, it must come out of a tap similar to a fresh pint of Guinness.

Additionally, the nitro brew is so sweet and delicious on its own, that many avid coffee drinkers have put the dairy and sugar they typically add to coffee away. That's great for the waistline, but what about the wallet? Therein lies the issue with the nitro brew, it can be pricey. But as demand grows, so will supply. And eventually, prices for the special brew may begin to go down.

So have you tried it? Does nitrogen infused coffee sound tasty to you? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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