Most of us have heard the endless folklore of Maine's history but not many have heard of "The Maine Giantess." Meet Maine's OG freak, Sylvia Hardy.

Townsquare Media

Sylvia was a real life giant in the 1800's born right in Wilton, Maine, according to some really old newspaper clippings posted on One of the articles states she was born at 3.5lbs and continued to grow throughout the remainder of her life.

After becoming a nurse, she was discovered by the famous P.T. Barnum and traveled with his freak show as "The Maine Giantess," according to the website. People came to see more than just her stature, she was a claimed spiritualist who held seances where people had claimed to see her levitate tables.

Though her history is a little blurry, some claim her last known height was over 8' tall and weight was over 400lbs, according to the news articles at, but others believe she never quite grew that large.

These days she resides in her hometown at Lakeview Cemetery but you can see her life-sized replica at the Wilton Farm and Home Museum.