Social media has brought attention to the Golden Chinese Pheasant, who appears to have  strikingly similar hair to President-Elect Donald Trump. 

So when you're as famous as Donald Trump is, even birds want to look like you. According to CBS News, a tweet sent out by People's Daily in China put side by side images together of President-Elect Trump and the Golden Chinese Pheasant and the internet lost its mind.

Ironically though, the Golden Chinese Pheasant doesn't only live in China, it can be spotted right here in Maine. Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk is home to their very own "Donald Trump" lookalike, amongst other amazing plants and birdlife. Perhaps the Golden Chinese Pheasant can take a day trip to visit with the Bush family in Kennebunkport sometime next summer.

For now, gawk and gaze in amazement at the bird with hair like the Donald. Wonder if it knows how to say "you're fired"?

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