When mother nature turns up the heat during the summer, it's a natural reaction for people to look for places to cool off. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend with a swimming pool, but here in Maine, we are lucky enough to have swimming holes available to the public to turn down the heat. Sometimes people want to take it a step further though, and skip the whole "wearing a bathing suit" part of the equation. And wouldn't you know it, Maine has some swimming holes to accommodate that special request.

According to swimmingholes.org, here are a few choices for you:


Rattlesnake brook is located in Bethel and crosses over into Gilead. Reviews of Rattlesnake Brook suggest it's as close to a natural swimming pool as you'll ever find. Flat rocks for walking and no elevated places to dangerously jump in from. There's also a picturesque waterfall if you're into that sort of thing. The advisory says that bathing suits are mandatory when families are present, however if you find yourself alone at Rattlesnake Brook, then it's your choice


Gulf Hagas is a well-known trail that has also been nicknamed the "grand canyon of Maine". It's located in the Bangor area and offers visitors a chance to hike the amazing trails as well as visit its multiple swimming holes. And that's the key if you're looking to go swimming in your natural state, as some of the swimming holes won't be hosting families. There are fees associated with park entrance and potential camping as well so be advised.


Back to Bethel we go, as Frenchman's Hole is a fairly secluded spot that features two swimming holes. It's located close to the Sunday River resort. The natural pool here is very deep, so be advised. This spot also houses an immaculate waterfall that is worth the trip on its own. If you're looking to jump in sans-clothing, the upper hole asks that you use discretion but the bottom hole remains clothing optional.

Undoubtedly there are more small, special swimming holes in Maine where you can get your fix for swimming in your birthday suit. Then again, if that's not your thing but you still want to put a little chill on your heat index, here's an additional list of great swimming choices you can find throughout the state.