To some people, it may just be a bridge. And it's 99% evident that those people who consider it "just a bridge" are "from away." Because based on the recent conversation that just happened online about it, Mainers are legitimately and deeply passionate about the Piscataqua River Bridge.

In a post in the Everything Maine group on Facebook, a man named Thomas Carl Dunham, who according to his Facebook profile is from West Paris but now resides in Union Springs, New York, posted about the bridge and what it means to him.

"Most of the people who still live there probably take it for granted. But for those of us who now live 'away,' it is hard to describe the emotions when going over this bridge!!"

Except, Thomas was a bit wrong. It's understandable and quite frequent for people to take what is always right near them or seems like it always will be for granted (the "Old Man of the Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire, comes to mind), but of the 500+ comments on his post, a very high majority of them were gushing about the bridge, and honestly in a very emotional fashion.

Here's Why Mainers (and Those "From Away) Feel so Emotional From the Piscataqua River Bridge

Mainers and even those from away that used to live in Maine or are frequent visitors to Maine express exactly what the Piscataqua River Bridge means to them and how emotional it makes them feel.

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