Honoring tradition and history is an important part of what makes Maine such a special place to live. it connects people with their past, and with one another. So we have to do a special shoutout to the great people of Naples, Maine who came together last week to save a classic landmark. A beautiful cupola that used to be on the top of the iconic Bay of Naples Inn. 

The cupola was carefully transported to its new home by Double R Crane Services.

From the Double R Crane Services Facebook Page: 

This Cupola was once atop the old Bay of Naples Inn. It was removed and relocated before the Inn was demolished in 1964. After 57 years of sitting in a campground a few miles away. The Cupola now has a new home at “The Barn” in Naples, Maine. Just a few hundred yards down the road from where it originally stood, looking over Long Lake.


Double R Crane Services


The word cupola derives via Italian from the Latin cupula meaning small upside-down cup. These are the beautiful architectural domelike structures you see on many buildings.

The Bay of Naples Inn. The cupola is on the far left.

Double R Crane Services


The Bay of Naples Inn opened 122 years ago today- July 26, 1899. The Inn was a popular place for tourists to stay as they traveled along the Oxford and Cumberland Canal. Did you know that you used to be able to travel via canal between Portland and Naples? Yup! The canal was opened in 1832 and followed the Presumpscot River, going through Standish, Windham, Gorham, and Westbrook. Its total distance was 38 miles, and the canal included 27 locks, with Songo Lock still being used today.

The Cupola is Saved!

Double R Crane Services


After the canal was abandoned, the Inn stayed open until the 1950s. The cupola on top of the Inn was one of the great landmarks of Naples, and you could see it from miles around.

The Inn was closed and demolished in 1964. But not before someone saved the cupola! It stayed tucked away for 57 years at a local campground.


Double R Crane Services


After much work by many folks in the community, the cupola was moved last week to its new home next to The Naples Barn antique store.  In the coming days, the cone top will be put back on top of the cupola.


Lynda Dearborn Pietroforte

Congratulations to the wonderful people of Naples. You have shown us why it is important to cherish and preserve our past for future generations to enjoy.

Thanks to Double R Crane Services and Lynda Pietroforte for their assistance on this article




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