This new development in the Taxi-vs-App really puts everyone in a Bickle.

As stated in a new report by WCSH-6, airport officials and lawmakers are set to debate today over new regulations on ride services like Lyft and Uber, in regards to rides for airport passengers. Taxi drivers are unhappy with those services, because they feel that they are taking their business away, and don't have to abide by the same rules that cabbies do.

WCSH reports that taxi driver pay around $810 per year, as well as other small fees, to be able to line up at baggage claim, whereas Uber pays $10,000 as a whole to the state to be able to operate normally. Uber drivers don't have to spend a cent individually. Fair or not, that's definitely an interesting piece of info to chew on.

The article also states that Uber has a geofence in effect, meaning that drivers cannot get requests for rides while in airport property. Airport officials say that the geofence is only works around the baggage claim, and that the airport itself doesn't actually control it.

Wether you're a die hard cab person, or a fan of the new generation of transportation services, on thing remains clear in this scenario: whenever you're waiting for a ride from the airport, all you really care about is getting the heck out of there. Landing in any airport is the worst - you've just landed from a presumably long flight, have a sore neck, and desperately need to pop your ears. Not even an enormous pastry from the café is going to help cure that.

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