Hey, three days ago I introduced this new feature, "How Well Do You Know Portland?" and posted a picture of one of Portland's many historical markers. Several people responded to our first entry for our Portland quest. But Sarah Fowler of Portland was the first to correctly answer that the monument is in Lincoln Park on the corner of Federal and Pearl streets behind the U.S. District Courthouse and right next to Engine 5 Firehouse. Way to go, Sarah!

Today's picture gives you the details of the marker, and the Maine Historical Society gives you a bit more information about the reasons for the markers of this type around the city.  Swing by the Society on Congress Street to pick up your very own "This Car Climbed Munjoy Hill" bumper sticker.

Come back next Tuesday when the Vulture will put up another picture of something in Portland, and you can show us how well you know Portland.


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