A Long Time Ago, In A Yard Just Round the Corner...

Sorry, couldn't resist. It does seem like animals are about to stage an uprising, though. With bears, bees and the like dominating the summer in Maine, it only seems fair that lizards would want to get in on the fun.

In a new report by WCSH-6, Portland Police apprehended a wicked big lizard roaming around in a backyard in the Deering area. Police were able to lure it out with a hard boiled egg, and have it in custody in an adorable, yet still demeaning leash. Check out the report below:

According to Portland Police's Facebook page, this particular lizard is an Argentinie Black and White Tegu. After I consulted my expert sources (and by that I mean shouting at Siri to Google it), I found out from articles from and that these lizards are powerful predators, and hunt domestic rodents in the wild. Apparently they also like to hide out in burrows, which makes sense in this context, given WCSH states that it was found in an old groundhog hole.

Apparently, though, this guy is pretty friendly! Portland Police are looking to return the lizard to it's rightful home - please call Portland Animal Control at 207-874-8575 if he's yours!

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