As someone who dabbles in hiking, I can honestly say I've never even considered the fact that I could wander upon hypodermic syringes. I tend to think of trails and pathways to be pretty safe and clean. I'll be the first to admit I can be a bit naive.

Windham Police Department shared some photos of dozens of hypodermic syringes that were found. All in all, they reported that they along with Windham Fire collected 80 syringes as well as other not specified paraphernalia.

This sort of thing can happen anywhere. Trails, paths, parks, playgrounds, and parking lots. It's a good reminder to stay alert. For yourself, for your kids who may be out with you, or if you have pets.

If you are ever out for a walk or a hike and you happen upon improperly disposed of items of this nature call and notify the local authorities so that they can be taken care of quickly and safely.

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