The warmer weather we've had recently got me out of the house and walking along Portland's various designated trails. I was out by the Riverton rail trail when i came across this amazing piece of technology. It brought to mind just a couple questions:

1. Maybe I'm fancier than i thought because I didn't know people still had the old school TVs with a gigantic backs to them. Or maybe they don't and this is why a random 20-something inch TV is laying on a walking trail.

2. How did this get there? I actually walked over to it and was going to prop it up for a better picture but that thing was HEAVY. Like legit, heavy for no good reason whatsoever. It's located on the rail trail fairly distant from any house. So somebody obviously had to hulk up and carry it to this destination, why?

3. There's a dumpster on this rail trail that is probably 100 feet away. I'm not trying to tell people what to do with their old, beaten up electronics but when there is a dumpster with a rocks toss of where you plan on dumping your high quality Toshiba product, maybe do the right thing and get it to the dumpster.

So there it is, if you're hurting for a TV right now, visit the Riverton rail trail and snap up that gem. Think it gets cable?

Portland Trail

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