Maine's biggest fair is almost here, and it is expected to once again draws thousands upon thousands of people to Fryeburg. Some people visit fairs for the shows, some people do it for the food and others for the exhibits. But if you're a person that visits the Fryeburg fair for the RIDES, these are the specific days where you can get the best value.

  • 10/2 (Tuesday)
  • 10/3 (Wednesday)
  • 10/4 (Thursday)
  • 10/7 (Sunday) *from Noon-Close

The Fryeburg Fair is bringing back their pay-one-price bracelet event again for 2018 and the days listed above are when you can save some cash but still experience the entire thrill of the fair from open to close. The flat price this year for pay-one-price adult bracelets will be $22.

There's also a kiddie-land pay-one-price bracelet this year on select dates.

  • 9/30 (Sunday)
  • 10/1 (Monday)

The kiddie-land unlimited bracelets are good from 10am-6pm.

So get ready for Maine's biggest fair, kicking off this Sunday!

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