The snowy season is upon us here in Maine, which means a lot of drivers will be winterizing their cars and trucks with studded snow tires. Maine has a couple of rules that pertain to studded snow tires but each winter, people get confused on exactly what they are and what they mean. Hopefully, this can help clear up the confusion.


Studded Snow Tires ARE NOT Required By Maine State Law

There's no law that states you must have studded snow tires to survive a Maine winter. Most lifelong Mainers will tell you that studded tires can help, especially on particularly icy days, but they are not required by any laws on the books.


Studded Snow Tire Season is October 1st through May 1st

People typically don't violate the the early dates but there's always some stragglers when it comes to the May 1st removal. Failure to remove your studded snow tires by May 1st could result in a fine.


Studded Tires Only On The Front Of Cars Is A Violation Of The Law

Many people in Maine do it but they're not supposed to. A failed amendment to the law would have made it legal to only have 2 studded snow tires on front wheel drive vehicles, so if you've got that going on with your car this winter, it is illegal. Maine law requires to have all four tires be studded or no tires at all, and reputable dealers across the state will tell you the same thing.


Here's to safe driving through another snowy Maine winter!

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