Yes, Stephen King is a beloved horror writer. His novels are known around the world and many of them have been made into movies and series. "It," "The Shining," "Misery," "Pet Semetary," and "Carrie" are just some of King's work that we have been able to both read and see on the screen. However, what if Stephen King flipped the script?

What about instead of Stephen King's novels becoming movies, Stephen King writes a novel based on a movie? Yes, I know that many movies have previously been novels, but not all of them have that Stephen King twist.

Stephen King would be able to reach a wider audience by doing something like this (taking a known movie and making it his own). I mean could you imagine King writing a rom-com?

Well, one of King's recent tweets has me wanting a rom-com written by King.

"When Harry Ate Sally," I'm sorry, but I would be all over something like this. Yes, I understand that a cannibalism rom-com very much can sound like a zombie movie (the one that comes to mind is "Warm Bodies") but knowing Stephen King, he would make it even more gruesome.

Unfortunately, no, Stephen King is not currently working on a rom-com novel, although I highly believe that he should in the future because who doesn't want to know about these so-called cannibals that King is imagining?

King could reach a whole new audience with a horror rom-com novel, so who knows maybe we will see it in a local bookstore one day.

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