I've cooked and eaten a LOT of lobster in my lifetime.

I feel like I could have one of those Forrest Gump moments when Bubba was telling him all about the different things you could do with shrimp. Between my time in restaurants, and just growing up in a Maine household that holds lobster to a near reverential status, I've eaten a lot of those 8-legged sea bugs. So I know what the smells are.

So you can imagine, I was taken a bit aback when I was cruising the internet and saw a BDN piece about a Maine company that's making lobster and drawn butter scented candles. *insert record scratch sound effect here*.... Wait... what?! But it's true. You can go online this very second, and hook yourself up with a lobster-y smelling candle.

And there's so much more than just candles....

If you go to GetMaineLobster.com, you can find almost any manner of lobster products. Including these oddball candles. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm all for it. I'm not bashing on these candles in any way. That said, it's likely most folks would be as curious as me to smell a candle that smells like my favorite summertime dinner.

They're $25 a piece, and have a 60+ hour burn time, according to the website. Generally, they sell lobsters. Like, real lobsters. Stuff can be shipped all over the place, which is great if you have a bunch of family living out of state. And now you throw one of these candle in, and your friend in Arizona can now have a house that smells like a lobster pound.

Undoubtedly, someone you know would probably love this. Or, with no disrespect, would also make an awesome gag gift, or  a great Yankee Swap item. Either way, we're all Mainers. So this candle should just make you feel right at home. If it doesn't, I assure you, you're Maine-ing wrong.

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