File this under "whoopsie". Pearl Jam was always expected to be back on the road in 2018, playing some festival dates and a planned "baseball stadium tour" that they had dreamed up. The question was always, what stadiums and when? In an apparent accidental leak on their website, the band may have given that information away.

It appears Pearl Jam will visit Safeco Field in Seattle, Wrigley Field in Chicago, and Fenway Park in Boston according to loudwire. The Fenway Park dates would reportedly be September 2nd and September 4th, which would make for one heck of a Labor Day weekend for a lot of people.

As of this writing, the only baseball stadium dates that have been confirmed are the Seattle dates. But in case you were wondering, the Red Sox are on the road during the Labor Day holiday, definitely opening the door for Pearl Jam to rock America's greatest baseball park.

Cross your fingers, it could be a fun summer.

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