For Allen's Coffee Brandy fans, today is a sad day. After having a stranglehold on the top spot amongst Maine's favorite liquor brands for decades, has been unseated by the spicy up-and-comer, Fireball Whisky.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

According to the Bangor Daily News, Fireball has been surging with sales for years and in 2018, outsold Allen's Coffee Brandy by more than $500,000. That doesn't mean coffee brandy is a thing of the past for Mainers, it just means Mainers have taken a strong liking to Fireball.

In breaking down some of the sales numbers surrounding Fireball Whisky, they're kind of astounding. In 2018, 2.7 million bottles of Fireball were sold. Those bottles were of varying sizes of course. But if you compare the number of Fireball bottles sold to Maine's entire population, that breaks down to about two bottles of Fireball Whiskey per person. Wow.

And if you're curious how far Fireball Whiskey has come in a short time, consider this. In 2013, sales totals for Fireball in Maine amounted to $770,000. In 2018, as Maine's most popular liquor brand, Fireball sales surpassed 10.1 million dollars. That's incredible.

While the numbers are astounding, there still the existing problem about littering that haunts Fireball. Former Governor Paul LePage made threats early in 2018 that he would considering banning nips all together because of an uptick in littering. With Fireball being the most popular liquor in Maine, they're likely to take the most heat moving forward.

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