It appears the hype is going to match the product after all. Earlier this week, forecast models were showing the potential for a significant snowstorm this coming Sunday. Now, as the week has progressed and the forecasts have shaped further, it looks less like a strong storm and more like an absolute hammering of snow for all of New England.

Various forecasting models are still varying on just HOW MUCH snow will fall over the course of 24-36 hours between late-Saturday night through Sunday. Shared on Twitter by Owen Anastas, one model promises a large portion of Maine nearly a foot and a half of snow. In a winter that has seen little in substantial snowfall, this will come as a shock to the system.

Additionally, the National Weather Service in Gray has already released a warning that snowfall rates could be a serious problem beyond just the final total. Those same forecast models are warning against heavy snowfall that could amount to up to 2 inches per hour.

Thankfully, it appears that the ice portion of this storm is likely to stay off the coast and over the ocean. Portions of New York and New Jersey look like the bullseye for an ice storm, while New England will be in line for the hammer job of snow. Boston has the potential for up to 2 feet on Sunday.

Dust off that snowblower or make sure your plow guy is on speed dial, this weekend about to get wild.

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