There's a strong case to be made that when businesses roll out funny signs, people just tend to like them more. Bingas Windham has been doing it for years now, and people look forward to their latest jokes. But sometimes when you think you've got the perfect little joke, the perfect phrasing and you want to throw it up on your sign immediately, you do it. Then people see it, and go wait, what?

Twitter via El_Merv
Twitter via El_Merv

Shared on Twitter by El_Merv, the Senator Inn & Spa in Augusta wanted to let passersby know that their restaurant has some seriously FRESH seafood. How fresh? Well, there's a lot of different places to go with that, and they chose as fresh as your teenagers mouth. Do you get the joke?

If you've lived in Maine all your life, chances are someone in your family has told you stop being "fresh". It's old school slang for being disrespectful or having attitude with someone. You don't hear the term "being fresh" all that often these days, but it still shows up from time to time.

So if you saw that sign and couldn't figure out what it meant, it's simple. The Senator Inn & Spa has the kind of seafood that will give you some serious attitude. Probably can't get that anywhere else in Maine.

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