Sadly, homelessness is becoming a huge problem here in Central Maine.  It has been an issue for years, but recent events like the housing crisis and crazy amount of inflation have caused a spike in the number of those dealing with a lack of housing.

Currently, there are two homeless shelters in the City of Augusta.  If a non-profit group is able to raise the needed funds, there could soon be a third.

According to a WGME article, the Green Street United Methodist Church could soon become the Green Street United Community Living Center.

The article explains that the plan would be to turn the church into a 40 bed "low barrier" shelter.  Basically, that means that they could provide shelter to those who are not able to get into other shelters.  For example, those with active substance abuse issues and those who have criminal records.

Christian Erfurt via Unsplash
Christian Erfurt via Unsplash

In addition to the 40 beds, the facility would have a kitchen space, laundry, and plenty of bathrooms.

In order for the project to move forward, the organizers would need to purchase the church building.  The current list price of the building is about $650,000.

If you are interested in helping the organization acquire and renovate the church to be used as a shelter, you can contact the Unitarian Universalist Community Church.  The article explains that they will be the fiscal sponsor for this effort, and that checks can be made out to the Green Street United Community Living Center.

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