Even though, given what the weather has been like this fall, it may be hard to believe, Maine is one of the snowiest states in the country.  With the exception of the coast, where they tend to get more rain because it is warmer, much of the state gets pounded with several feet of snow each winter.

Some parts of the state, however, get way more than their fair share of snow each winter.  The state's western mountains and the northern part of the state are examples of this.

But, what is the snowiest town in the state?

According to Weather.com, the snowiest town in the State of Maine is the small, Aroostook County, town of Caribou.  The report explained that, at the end of January 2019, with about two months of the winter season left, the town had already received 109 inches of snow!  That's over nine feet of snow!

There is a big benefit to being one of the snowiest places in the country, though.  All that snow makes for some great snowmobiling!

On top of that, the town is situated, and set up, to be the perfect headquarters for your adventures up and down the ITS.

Getting To Caribou

Despite being in one of the most remote parts of New England, the town is located along major roads.  Visitors coming from Southern Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or New York can hop on the I-95 and drive north.  In Houlton, AKA the not-so-warm-and-sunny-end-of-the-95, riders can hop on Route 1 and take that north to Presque Isle and, eventually, Caribou.

Or, if you have money to burn, there is a small airport in the town.  So, if you had a private plane, or you chartered a plane, you could always fly into town.

What Does Caribou Have To Offer?

According to Wikipedia, the town has about 7,400 people.  Like many towns of that size, there are several restaurants, a few grocery stores, and several gas stations.  The town also has several very affordable motels / hotels.

Plus, Presque Isle, which is slightly larger than Caribou and has a little more to offer, is just a short drive down Route 1.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Trails, Trails, And More Trails

Located on the International Snowmobile Trail System, specifically ITS 83, you can ride all over the State of Maine and much of Northern New England.

Additionally, if you want to take a break from sledding, the area is also home to miles and miles of cross-country ski trails.

You can get more details about all the area has to offer from the Visit Maine website.

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