December's "Grinch" storm brought horrific damage to many communities along the Kennebec River.  Even though it was not nearly as bad as the flooding of 1987, it still damaged dozens of businesses in Waterville, Augusta, Hallowell, and Gardiner.

Some of those business only recently reopened.  And sadly, some of the affected business remain closed as repair work continues.

One of the most-severely damaged businesses in Gardiner was the Hannaford supermarket.

The flooding was so bad that the store's entire inventory was destroyed, and the waters in the parking lot were so high that people were able to boat through the parking lot.

Since the store was forced to close nearly two months ago, Hannaford customers have had to make the trip to Augusta in order to shop at a Hannaford supermarket.  Or in some cases, they have started shopping at other grocery stores.  For example, many people have started shopping at Goggin's IGA in Randolph.

Finally, there is some good news for Hannaford customers in Gardiner.

According to the KJ, the store has announced an approximate reopening date of early April.

As of yet, they have not set a specific reopening date.  When they do, we will pass the information on to you.

A staple of New England life, the Hannaford chain was founded in Portland in 1883.  Currently, there are over 180 Hannaford locations throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York.

Were any of your favorite businesses severely affected by the storm?  Have they reopened?  Tell us more by sending us a message inside our radio station app.

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