Sleeping. It's just about one of my most favorite things to do in the world.

To this day, it's ranked as one of my most cherished things (after my son, of course). There's truly nothing better then laying down, shutting your eyes, and reveling in a worry-free existence for a good solid 5-8 hours. It's like a heavenly gift.

But what if you are driving and feel the need to take a quick nappy to get out the sleepies?

It's good to know, first off, that each state has their own set of laws for this.

If you are a drowsy driver, sleeping in your car in Maine may lead you to certain regulations. But this will depend exactly on where you are, according to smart financial.

So depending on which municipality you are in, it may be allowed, while in others, you could be restricted from catching those zzz's. If the property that you are snoozing at is private, then yes, it is illegal.

I found that the amount of drivers sleeping overnight in their vehicles has experienced a surge over the past few years, according to direct auto.

Because of this, many more municipalities are taking a look at their past laws and updating their policies in response to this trend.

While getting some sleep inside your car isn't naturally against the law, the potential issue lies in the where you choose to park while sleeping.

For example, numerous parking lots, private garages, and even public areas officially prohibit overnight parking, whether or not there are people sleeping inside the vehicles.

If you were drinking and have to "pass out" because of that, then yes, that is totally against the law and I would recommend not getting into the car in the first place, because anything that happens after that is your fault.

I would recommended checking out your local laws and Maine state law.

How? Contact your local PD or city offices to ask if you can sleep in your car in that town.

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