The Old Town Police Department has revealed that nearly 100 parking tickets from last year remain unpaid.

However, officers are introducing a very unique opportunity to clear these parking tickets without having to reach into your wallets, according to News Center Maine. 

If you don't have money, it's ok! In an effort to support the community and their needs, this local Maine PD is offering to clear your entire parking ticket if you donate $10 worth of food to their pasta drive!

They are seeking specific donations of rice, spaghetti sauce, macaroni and cheese, and microwavable meals, as per the report.

The donations will be going to Caring Community Cupboard, Holy Family Parish, Penobscot Nation, and OT School District.

You can drop off your donation at the police department throughout the entirety of the month, as per Facebook. 

If you opt not to make a donation, you must pay your ticket at city hall!

This initiative not only clears out outstanding fines, but also helps in providing needed food items for those within the community.

This idea is an innovative way to resolve fines while aiding your community at the same time! What are you waiting for? I am eager to see how many tickets they were able to waive because of the donations!

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