UPDATE: Yesterday evening 1/23 at around 5 pm, James Ember, the owner of Ghost the Husky, shared the heartbreaking news that Ghost was indeed found deceased. In his message, he expressed gratitude to his community and the entire state for the profound impact and heartfelt love they have extended to him and his beloved dog.

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I've recently been keeping up with the updates on a well-known lost dog on the Citizens of Greene, Maine, Facebook Page.

Like so many other concerned folks in Maine, I'm so intrigued by the ongoing search for this beloved husky in Greene.

The Sun Journal recently picked up the story and posted an article about the journey of James Ember to find his missing dog.

Ember has been on a relentless search across the state in search of his pup. Ghost has been missing from Johnson Road/North Mountain Road in Greene since November of 2023, according to a missing poster on Facebook. 

Ember and Ghost are pictured below, via Facebook. 

Recently, he got information suggesting that Ghost may have been sighted in Acton, Maine. Acton is about 80 miles away from Greene.

To his surprise, the dog he found there was not Ghost, but a female dog about whom he has learned some details and now wants to rescue himself. 

Ember also received support from Acton, with Town Animal Control Officer Jim Driscoll and residents assisting in the search.

Throughout the weekend, information slowly came out, including the below video where they thought Ghost was.

However, there's uncertainty if it was truly his dog. Signs are pointing to no as of right now.

Despite this potential setback, there is a silver lining because Ember might have found a new friend amidst the ongoing search for Ghost, albeit in a different location.

So now, the search continued on two fronts in Acton. Ember and his team were still attempting to make contact with this mystery dog, while in Greene, people anxiously awaited Ghost's return, grappling with the twist in the story.

On Monday, Ember expressed his continued hope of finding Ghosty Boy, stating,

 “I still pray for finding my Ghosty Boy. But in the meantime, my intent is to bring this wild husky home and show her love and kindness and adventures."

Maine Lost Dog Recovery has joined the fight in searching for Ghost as well. And because of all the continued support from businesses, over 40,000 people are aware that Ghost is missing.

At the end of the day, we all are patiently awaiting Ghost's return back to Ember, and also hope he can rescue this other mystery husky.

Without a doubt, this Greene man has been through a lot. The article states that Ember, a carpenter and cabinetmaker, experienced a profound tragedy in 2021 when he lost his 23-year-old daughter in a car crash. The devastating loss left Ember in profound grief.

We are all cheering for Ember to be reunited with his beloved Ghosty boy, and we will support him no matter the outcome, because that's what Mainers do.

If you see Ghost, do not chase him but instead call 207-206-6065 or call James at 207-402-9362.

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