The eclectic town of Lewiston, Maine, got even more glorious recently due to a new artsy addition!

Meet Nathan Brown, who, according to the Sun Journal, is an artist and mural painter hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Nathan's remarkable work is now open for everyone in the city to enjoy.

Mayor of Lewiston, Carl Sheline/Official City of Lewiston via Facebook
Mayor of Lewiston, Carl Sheline/Official City of Lewiston via Facebook

The masterpiece, which is a massive mural, was recently completed on Wednesday and spreads across the side of 124 Canal Street in Downtown Lewiston.

As the article shows, Nathan taught himself how to create large-scale murals and he has taken it upon himself to leave his mark in various locations. He wants to leave his mark everywhere and so far his murals can be found in Huntsville, Alabama, Nashville and now Lewiston!

His passion and dedication to his art shines through in every stroke, leaving a lasting impression on the city of Lewiston.

Carl Sheline, mayor of the Official City of Lewiston, Maine recently posted a photo of the massive mural. The mural in part was contributed by Downtown Lewiston Maine with other local businesses supporting the mural as well.

We've had many artsy upgrades to the City of Lewiston. Remember the new sculpture that was just installed?

Official City of Lewiston, via Facebook
Official City of Lewiston, via Facebook

Residents and visitors alike now have the opportunity to appreciate the artistry and creativity of Nathan Brown. This mural is a show-stopping feature in our vibrant city of Lewiston!

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