Regrettably, I have to keep mum about the name of this podcast because if I do, I'll probably be fined by the FCC. But fear not, I'll surreptitiously slip a link your way, and you can uncover the identity of these illustrious dames yourself.

As for these two wizards of wit, they are bona fide legends to me and so many other listeners. I honestly would join a cult if they were the leaders. With their no-nonsense approach and sharp humor, they've got me peeing a bit each time I listen.

So brace yourself for this revelation. My usual podcasts don't normally come to play in the northern reaches of Maine.

Yet, a miraculous twist of fate has occurred. It was almost as if the divine spheres aligned, the clouds opened, and Maine is officially on their tour itinerary!

Two "blanks" And A Mic will be gracing the stage at the Empire Comedy Club in Portland, Maine, on April 11.

Tour dates are here. 

McKenzie Goodwin and Rachel Scanlon, are the hosts of Two "Blanks" And A Mic. These two best pals not only keep us up to date on all things queer, but they also sprinkle in a generous dose of extra improv and hilarity.

Feast your eyes upon this YouTube masterpiece showcasing their sheer awesomeness interviewing Mae Martin live.

So let's get to the burning question: Why the undying affection for these two?

It's as straightforward as can be. They provide an honest and hilarious voice without shoving any supposed "Gay agenda" down our throats.

Much like our beloved Schitt's Creek TV show, they effortlessly invite us into their world, offering a glimpse into their lives seamlessly and without force.

It's so refreshing that they are lending their voices which in turn represents all of us. Gone are the times of traditional norms. They make you feel welcome, comfortable, and end up saying, "Hey sis, you're like me!"

Their unabashed, racy vibe is a rollercoaster I'd gladly wait in line for, indefinitely. In this brave new era, their voices really resonate to a generation who are desperately craving authenticity.

They create a space where everyone feels seen, accepted, and, most importantly, understood.

Check out "Two "Blanks" and A Mic" in Portland, Maine, this April!

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