Are your kids seafood fans? It seems like seafood is making big waves in school cafeterias with its increasing presence!

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute, also known as GMRI, has collaborated with nine districts across New England to offer more local seafood for students, according to WMTW. 

The report says they will be using funds from federal and local grants, and they want to help to familiarize kiddos with seafood through engaging recipes and educational programs.

The objective of this is to increase local seafood availability and frequency on school menus!

Sophie Scott is the GMRI's Sustainable Seafood Program Manager, and she wants to challenge the common perception that children don't like seafood.

When you start to support local, regional seafood, you’re helping coastal communities, waterfronts, the local seafood economy.

Matter of fact, the report states within the last four years, they've found 70 to 80 percent of students eating fish and liking it! In addition, Mary Emerson (the Westbrook School District's Nutrition Director) says that seafood like fish sticks and sandwiches is enjoyed by the students. 

Times have changed, and kids tastes have evolved far beyond what we might have assumed a decade or two ago. Today, their palates have expanded, and seafood is now widely enjoyed.

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