Is there anything better than a nice, juicy cheeseburger?

The burger is as American as apple pie, bad country music, and college football. Sure, it might originally be from Germany, but like most things in this world, America made it better. And that little morsel of meat continues to always satisfy our pallet, no matter the style.

With burgers being so popular, it's to no one's surprise to see a brand-new list from the popular site, Taste of Home. They decided to take a closer look at America's love affair with the burger, and where the best ones might call home. The site picked the best burger from every state, giving the reader an opportunity to see the sandwich's versatility, and to know where to travel next.

Maine's representative is a tremendous pick. This burger is not to be reckoned with, a true Maine classic. According to Taste of Home, the Pine Tree State's top burger is the Whoper Burger from the iconic Fat Boy Drive-In.

Fat Boy Drive-In via Facebook
Fat Boy Drive-In via Facebook

Located in Brunswick, Fat Boy Drive-In is a true throwback to the mid-twentieth century. The season drive-in originally opened its doors in 1955, and hasn't slowed down since. Patrons will enjoy the nostalgic setting, with the food being brought out to your car like you're in a classic movie. Fat Boy is more than just a place to grab a delicious bite. It's an entire experience.

There are tons of great food options at Fat Boy, including hot dogs, chicken, fried sea food, and lobster rolls (I mean, this is Maine). However, nothing compares to those perfectly cooked Fat Boy burgers, including the star, the Whoperburger.

Fat Boy Drive-In via Facebook
Fat Boy Drive-In via Facebook

The Whoperburger is a classic sandwich. It starts with a juicy quarter pound patty. Its then topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and finished with Fat Boy's special sauce. This mayo-based sauce is what truly puts it over the top. This burger is truly delicious. It's everything you would want in a classic drive-in sandwich, especially paired with a side of fries and a shake.

No summer trip to the Midcoast is complete without a stop at Fat Boy. It's a wonderful mix of delicious food and fun nostalgia. It's pure Americana at its finest. And it has Maine's best burger, according to some.

So the next time you hit Fat Boy, feel free to grab a Whoperburger for your favorite DJ. I'll pay for it. I promise.

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