Hermon's own Tatum is quickly becoming a social media sensation!

Let’s check in with one of the most famous pooches in the country, who lives right here in the Bangor area.

A guy I know named Charles Lever, came into the radio station one day a few years back, and he mentioned to me that I should check out the dog that he and his wife, Nicole had rescued because he was developing a huge following on Social Media. Man, was he right. Looking back at his accounts this week, he is now a full-fledged star.

Tatum is an energetic pup, who is crushing it on his TikTok page with 3.6 MILLION followers, and a total of 98.5M likes from all the creative videos that his owners post. His Instagram is popular too, with over half a million people checking out his daily adventures.

Things just kicked up a notch, because now he is the star of a new book called "Tatum Comes Home" It tells the heartfelt and humorous story about a charismatic canine’s journey home.

The book is available to order now on Amazon

Who knows, maybe a movie adaptation on the big screen is next!

Most of his wacky videos feature a funny voiceover for Tatum, who is actually Charles. Either way, they are extremely entertaining. Best of all, they are always topical and fun!

Tatum and Nicole took a trip to Bangor Mall Cinemas, to check out the Channing ‘Tatum” movie, which is of course called, “Dog.”

And when it was time for the Super Bowl, and you are a big star, why not call up former New England Patriots player, Doug Flutie?

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