Throw this video on in the background during the holiday season, and you will find your place of zen.

The L.L.Bean "Yule Dog", is a 1 hour, 4K real burning fireplace video, with a cozy holiday background vibe, a crackling fire, a yule log burning, and a rather adorable dog, named Finneas, who is catching a snooze in this perfect Maine Christmas setting.

It seems to be of great comfort to people, because since LL Bean uploaded the clip on November 1st, it has racked up an impressive 273,000 views.

This might be what you want to put on in the background, when you are either wrapping, or opening gifts, over the newxt few weeks.

Also, if you like what you see in the video, you can head to the LL Bean website and buy the furniture, and the dog bed, that you see on the screen.

Based on the comments from the YouTube page, folks are really enjoying this:


This is the best YULE LOG ever! Thanks L.L. Bean.


Love the crackling of the fire and the cutie doggie too!!!


Can you PLEASEEEEEEE make an 5, 6, even 8 hour playlist of this video on loop so it could get played on repeat for a holiday party? PLEASE. I can only make a playlist with the video on it one time. 🙃


My wife and I are watching at home. This is absolutely the best fireplace scene yet; especially with that precious baby all cozy and warm! I could swear that puppy literally hears my wife and I talking to her or him. We will definitely fall asleep to this.


I love this so much. So comforting & soothing with this adorable precious puppy
"As we dream by the fire"


I wish this was for fun but seriously this made my crummy situation better. Thank you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, from all of us, to all of you!

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