Do you like to buy things in bulk? I know I do! It's great to stock up on food and necessities for the house as well as save some money (even on gas). Well, in Maine, we have Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale Club, but we do not yet have a Costco. That, however, is soon about to change.

Yup, Maine will be getting its first ever Costco Wholesale location at the Scarborough Downs, otherwise, known as The Downs. The Downs, what used to be a racetrack, is turning into so much more with houses, condos, a brewery, and more.

I don't know about you, but I have been waiting for Costco to open up, and honestly, it took a lot of time to get the approval to build.

Costco is planning a 161,000-square-foot store at the corner of Payne and Scarborough Downs road, and a few things stood out to the planning board as potential issues, such as which way the building would face and the parking lot.

According to Portland Press Herald, Costco planned for 794 parking spaces that would be 10 feet wide and 20 feet deep when normal spots are usually 9 feet wide and 16-18 feet deep. Costco's request seemed to be too much for the planning board.

However, after issues with the number and sizing of parking spaces, Costco's plan to open in Scarborough at The Downs, was finally approved.

Granted we may not have an opening date yet. On Tuesday, March 7th, The Downs- Scarborough posted to their Facebook saying that Costco is hoping to open up later this year.

It doesn't seem that we will have to wait too long for yet another store to go shopping in bulk.

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