Only in Maine will you find people so passionate about chowder and seafood that it makes them create a competition over it (or should I say, a face-off to be crowned with the next title of "Best Chowder in Portland, Maine").

Here's what's going on. 12 very popular and local restaurants in downtown Portland are competing against each other on April 27, 2024, to see who can make the most delicious chowder in the city. According to Portland Chowderfest's Facebook event page, the 12 restaurants facing off are:

Fat Kid Culinary
Bite Into Maine
Portland Lobster
Clam Bar Portland
Iron Clad Eats
J's Oyster
Boone's Fish House
Highroller Lobster
Crave ME
Andy's Old Port Pub
SoPo Seafood
Salvatore's Hoagie Shop

I can immediately tell you this is about to get interesting. I've been to all of these places except for one (Clam Bar Portland), and I know they've got some good food. Although I haven't tried each of their chowders, if their soup is as good as some of their food, than it's going to be a tough battle.

There's no particular rules on what kind of chowder has to be made for the competition, which allows the chefs to bring their creativity to the table.

To note: it's a ticket-only event, and you can buy them right here.

What a Saturday though, am I right? Gotta love living in Maine sometimes!

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