Maine saw a very rare occurrence over the summertime last year when Barstool's own Dave Portnoy finally made a trip up north to review some of our best pizza shops. He absolutely hit the pizza nail on the head with some of the places he visited in Portland, like Flatbread, Monte's, or Pizzaiolo. However, I still think he missed a couple golden spots that he might regret not hitting up.

If I was Dave's pizza tour guide while he was up in Portland, I'd tell him he has no choice but to visit these pizza places before he leaves. I mean, come ON. I'm not taking any credit away from the places that he chose to visit, because I like them too. I'm just saying these two below are staples to the people of Portland.

This place in the heart of the Old Port is hands-down my absolute favorite spot for a pizza night. Dave doesn't like flop, and I don't think I've ever seen a pie come out of that wood stove unless it was well done. I'm deeming their meatballs the absolute best in town too, and that's just a bonus.


Although this spot still feels new, it's not. Or maybe I'm the only one that thinks it's semi-new to Portland because I just came across it last week with my friends. We all split a pie, and oh my god, it's like a hidden gem for 'za. Their bartender was super friendly too, which I always appreciate.

Those two are my "two cents", no pun intended. I think the spots he chose to review were right on track, but sometimes I think about the way he skipped over these two, and it haunts me. Anyways, if you missed any of his rankings while up in Maine, here's the full list:

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