Guess who showed up big on the East Coast. It's no shocker that both Maine and New Hampshire secured spots on the list of the top destinations to visit in the US during the Thanksgiving season.

It's huge to get this kind of exposure on a list that considers all of America before they make their selections, so congrats to Portsmouth!

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was named the 5th best town to visit during Thanksgiving in the United States by If you've ever been to Portsmouth, it's the most perfect family town right on the water (in my opinion). There are little shops and unique restaurants that make you feel like you're on a mini-vacation.

It doesn't stop there for New Hampshire.

Canterbury also made the list at #7. Country Living gives a great activity suggestion:

"New Hampshire's famous Hackleboro Orchards stays open through Thanksgiving, so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy apple picking before your holiday dinner. If the weather allows, bring your own blanket and enjoy a picnic before entering the orchards, or cozy up with some warm cider and donuts made fresh at the nearby barn."


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Skinny New England Home Built Out of Spite

As the story goes according to Boston Magazine, the home was said to have been built by a man in 1890 on a plot of land that was left by his father to him and his brother. Well, this guy had been off fighting in the Civil War, and once he returned he discovered that his brother had gone ahead and built a big house on that land.

Then, out of pure spite he built the skinny spite house on the remaining plot between his brother's house and another building to block sunlight and harbor views from his brother.

It went up for sale in 2021 for around $1.2 million by Carmela Laurella CL Properties, and later sold that year for $1.25 million.

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