It was such a delight to walk into work today at One City Center in Portland, Maine, and see the every-so-famous paper hearts tapped to all the surrounding buildings and windows. The surprise joy of our town's own Valentine Bandit continues.

Portland's beloved Valentine's Day Bandit, Kevin Fahrman of Falmouth, may have passed away last year, but his family and the city are making sure his legacy lives on. Wholesome. Check this out:

This is the best part about living in a smaller city like Portland. Portland natives are so thoughtful, kind, and always ready to step up when needed. The fact that a lot of us had the same idea to put up our own paper hearts around town is so heartwarming.

And how cool is this? After all these years of anonymously surprising the city with love every Valentine's Day, his family has come up with a super creative way to carry on his legacy.

"Be A Kevin" is a new campaign Kevin's loving family has just launched, which encourages you to print out your own paper heart and post it somewhere. Anonymously, of course. Just the way he'd like it. Watch this:


If you're interested in helping the city carry on his legacy (which also might be a fun date idea for you and your lover tonight), just click on their website here and be a part of the joy that's spreading throughout Maine right now!

Our friends over at WMTW were able to talk to his daughter for this quote,

"I carry on his legacy. I want to remind people that he was something more than just the bandit," Fahrman said.

They also want as many folks as possible to know this:

The family is hosting an event to launch the Fahrman Foundation Wednesday, Feb. 14 on – Valentine's evening – from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Rising Tide Brewery on Fox Street in Portland. Fahrman said everybody is welcome."

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