April Fool's Day

April 1. It's the one day that some people wait all year long for -- yearning for and salivating over it because it's the one day where there's a chance people will find them a little less jerkish for being a prankster.

It's also the one day where most people don't believe one word out of anyone's mouth -- especially if it's actually some good news or something positive -- because you just can't trust anything.

JLaservideo via YouTube
JLaservideo via YouTube

And for the rest, they're just a mix of oblivious and/or gullible people.

Every now and then, though, there are people you wouldn't necessarily expect to pull a prank, which takes it to the next level because it's so believable.

And that's what just happened with a super popular local Mexican restaurant in Dover and Epping, New Hampshire (with a third location coming soon to Rochester!)

Photo by Hybrid Storytellers on Unsplash / Canva
Photo by Hybrid Storytellers on Unsplash / Canva

Cinco's Cantina

If you've been to Cinco's Cantina before -- whether it's the Central Ave in Dover location or the Epping location at Brickyard Square -- then you know the owners, the Tellez Family, are some of the best humans around.

They're never without a smile, they're never not grinding, and they're always making sure the food they put out is top quality so their customers are never short of ecstatic and more-than-satisfied.

Which made the post that popped up on the Cinco's Cantina Instagram page a complete soul-crusher, when they announced the permanent exclusion of some of the restaurants' most popular dishes, including all fajitas.

Immediately, followers began mourning the loss of some of their favorites on the list, especially the Birria Tacos.

Then it sank in -- between the final line of the caption on the post, mentioning a reconsideration if the post reaches 500 likes, then realizing what date it was -- it all clicked.

Heartbreak and soul-crushing, followed by relief and laughter, all within five seconds.

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