Dave Portnoy Pizza Reviews

The world is no stranger to pizza reviews by Barstool Sports' founder and New England native, Dave Portnoy, especially with the raucous he caused just a few months ago in Portland, Maine, when he decided to highlight and try OTTO Portland.

The review took on a life of its own, also possibly causing a bit of an overreaction throughout Maine.

Dave Portnoy Massachusetts Pizza

A few months after highlighting those various Portland pizza hot spots, Dave was back in his native New England, this time once again focusing his pizza biting and reviewing in Massachusetts, hitting up various spots around the Bay State, including the Merrimack Valley.

And unlike the last time he was reviewing in Mass, when he got into a expletive-laced screaming match with the owner of Dragon Pizza in Somerville (which caused a bit of a boost in sales), one of Dave's reviews in "The Valley" was anything but negative, but definitely caused a blow up as a result.

One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube / Canva
One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube / Canva

Dave Portnoy Joanie's Pizza Review

Joanie's Pizza, located in the Merrimack Valley town of Chelmsford, was the target of one of Dave's reviews, after tons of recommendations and just overall love and admiration from customers.

Customers that may now regret their decision to suggest Dave do a review at Joanie's, because ever since the review was posted in mid-December 2023, Joanie's has been absolutely slammed with new customers -- to the point that they posted on their Facebook account they were unable to accept any phone or online orders.

The power this one man has over pizza and pizza businesses across the country is not just truly mindblowing, but absolutely incredible considering his reviews usually lead to a boom in businesses for the places he highlights.

Regardless of how you feel about Dave (since his reputation has always seemed to be love or hate -- no middle ground), there's no denying he brings a lot of attention and good for small, local businesses.

Barstool's Dave Portnoy Reviews Maine Pizza Places, Ranked

Barstool's Dave Portnoy visited Maine and visited a number of pizza places. Here is how he rated each one.

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