These are the things that make Maine, well, Maine. What's better than throwing a theme party to help the serotonin levels spike during the colder months? Honestly, you've probably seen so many "come to my eclipse party" posts on social media, but this one is cooler. Well, if you're a mountain sport person, that is.

Shoutout to Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley, Maine, for throwing a viewing party that sounds more unique than most of the others. They're calling it a "Skiclipse", and you get to ski down the mountain under the area's first total solar eclipse since the '40s. says,


"While all of Maine will be able to view the eclipse, only some communities are in its path of totality, including Carrabassett Valley.  Sugarloaf will experience approximately three minutes of darkness the day of the event".

Check out all the other events and timelines up at the mountain right here.

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