The good news? Not only is this ice cream delicious, but the meaning of the reason the cones at this popular hot spot in Massachusetts with locations in both Boston and Cambridge is incredible.

The bad news? That New England/New York rivalry most of us all love to indulge in with (for the most part) friendly smack talk -- it may have to end. Because without New York City, we don't have close access to this awesomeness.

busybrunchingboston via Instagram
busybrunchingboston via Instagram

Fish Cone Ice Cream Massachusetts

Back in 2019, the first location of the only New England ice cream shop to serve Japanese-style ice cream in a fish-shaped cone opened in the beautiful seaport area of Boston, with a second location opening in Cambridge (which also contains a doughnut shop known as The Dough Club.)

Taiyaki NYC

Originating in the Chinatown district of Manhattan, New York City, Taiyaki NYC first opened back in 2016, and according to the official website, has only three other locations across the country -- Brooklyn, New York, and the two Massachusetts locations.

Why Fish Shaped Cones?

According to the official website of Taiyaki NYC, the fish-shaped cones the ice cream is served in dates back to around 100 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. Long story short, tai is a type of fish considered the most prized seafood in Japan and centuries ago was presented as a gift to the shogun (ruler of a country).

Over the years, tai essentially became the cultural representation of bringing good luck, prosperity, and happiness.

Photo by Kelly Visel on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Visel on Unsplash

What is Taiyaki?

According to the Taiyaki NYC website, as stated above, tai is a type of fish, and yaki can translate to fried, baked, or grilled. And while there is not actual fish in the cones at Taiyaki NYC, they choose to bake their cones.

Essentially, the cones are your typical waffle cone, but with a bit extra included, with the scales on the fish cone containing either red bean paste or custard filling.

The ice cream itself is served in a soft serve style and consists of matcha (green tea) and black sesame ice cream. Once swirled on the cone, the final touches include a wafer stick and a mini-skewer of mini mochi rice cakes.

So, here's to good luck, prosperity, happiness, and all the delicious sweetness to your face when you're craving some ice cream and a trip down to Boston or Harvard Square!

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