When somebody says something is free, your ears likely perk up, right?

Who doesn't love getting stuff for free? It's pretty much the best.

Well, that four-letter word is front and center when it comes to this Father's Day and a round of mini-golf.

According to a Facebook post from Cardinal Cove Mini Golf Center, all dads get to play for free on Sunday, June 18, 2023.

This 18-hole mini-golf course, located at 773 Commercial Street in Rockport, Maine, has been around since 1982, according to the Cardinal Cove website.

The self-proclaimed "quirky course," the website states, has some unique holes from a giant squirrel to a mural-covered bear. It looks like there's even a giant rooster to get things started. And of course, there are things like lighthouses and windmills you'll have to navigate your mini-golf ball around/through, etc.

There are over 60 reviews on Google that give it an average of 4.6/5.

One user said: "Nice little hometown mini golf course. Nicely maintained, although older, it gives a great homey and retro feel."

Another person said: "Eclectic 18 hole mini golf course reasonable priced, easy to get through with smaller kids, cheap concessions, and don't forget to feed the chickens on your way out."

It seems the mini-golf spot went under new management as of 2021, so not sure if any big changes are coming, but you never know.

Either way, dads getting to play for free on Father's Day doesn't sound too bad, right? Maybe you'll be good enough to get a hole-in-one.

The website states that hours on Sunday are noon to 5 p.m.

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