Maine Ice Storm of 1998

If you didn't live through it, you may not even realize it happened. In fact, I was just a state away in New Hampshire back in 1998, and if there was any reporting in the 603 about what was happening on that January day in '98 in Vacationland, it's nothing I remember today.

Having just passed the 25th anniversary of the Maine Ice Storm of 1998 back in January 2023, I heard a lot of people share their "where were you when it happened" stories, because it's one of those events you don't forget about living through -- much like the Blizzard of '78.

Over the weekend, those who didn't feel the impact from 1998, possibly experienced what one Mainer called, "The Ice Storm of '98, part 2."

Melody Pierce
Melody Pierce

Maine Ice Storm of 2024

The one thing echoed by a lot of people throughout Maine between March 23, 2024 and March 25, 2024, is "I don't think anybody was ready for this." And that's not to say we weren't ready for something, but just not fully prepared for everything that happened.

While meteorologists prepped us for snow to hit throughout Maine as well as some expected ice (as mentioned by NEWS CENTER Maine meteorologist Keith Carson), it was way more than was ever anticipated or expected.

Almost suddenly on Saturday evening, leftover flurries or rain turned to freezing rain, which then joined forces with winds that picked up in strength, literally causing the freezing rain to be heard pelting off of various homes in the area.

And that's when it began -- lights flickered, power dropped out then quickly came back on, only to drop out again and fail to remain on when attempting to make its final comeback.

NH Ice Storm of 2008

While I remember experiencing an ice storm while living in New Hampshire back in 2008, the memory I have of it seems overshadowed by what is now officially known as the Maine Ice Storm of 2024.

And here are some observations I made as a Maine resident this time.

5 Takeaways From My First-Ever Maine Ice Storm Experience

I didn't live in Maine in 1998, but this was sure an ice storm baptism by fire.

Gallery Credit: Jadd

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