TikToker @nnyquil, whose real name is Nicole, is originally from California. She grew up in Orange County, which is a vastly different experience than what you would have if you grew up in New England. We get snow, we have moose, and we do many things differently here in Maine than they do in California.

Nicole, who I believe had lived or does live in New Hampshire now, was visiting her friend Kendra in Massachusetts and decided to make a TikTok video explaining everything that makes New England so different from her home state of California. It's all stuff that we don't even think about, but imagine coming to New England from the West Coast for the first time in your life and seeing how we do things here.

Just as a warning, there's a little bit of profanity in the video. It's nothing you've never heard,, and you've probably used that word before, so no big deal. But if you have young children around while you're watching this, you might want to wait until they go to bed.


Here are some highlights from the video that I'd like to point out.

  • Basements – We have them here in New England because due to our cold weather, foundations have to be built to go below frost depth. California has no frost, so no basements.
  • Close Neighbors – I grew up on a street that had close neighbors, but a good chunk of New England is rural and undeveloped, so you can give yourself plenty of space from the neighbors.
  • New England has both rotaries and roundabouts. Rotaries are designed to keep traffic moving at speed, while roundabouts are designed to slow traffic down with a tighter circle.
  • Munchkins – Welcome to the land of Dunkin'.

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