Now THIS is one of the cooler things I've seen a bar come up with in the Old Port in Portland. My good friends Roger & Zeke, who recently opened up the unique little dive bar called Porttown Public House (replacing Silver House), got a very cool approval by the State of Maine for outside seating on Commercial Street.

I've never seen anything like it, and I'm not just saying that because they're my good friends. I remember six months ago, when they told me about the idea to create some kind of outside seating by the summertime. Now, they've delivered.

I was on a run downtown when I jogged past, stopped in my tracks, and said to myself, "Oh my god, they actually did it". It looks SO COOL, and it's even cooler that they got the city's approval for the summertime. Check this out:

attachment-Untitled design-113

You're wondering if there's going to be any sports here though, aren't you. The answer is absolutely. The guys installed a couple mini TVs right inside the windows you see pictured above, just in case you can't see the HUGE TVs hanging on the walls inside. Trust me, you can absolutely see those very clear from the outside stools already.

Roger Zeghibe, the owner (and also the owner of Beantown Pub in Boston), said, "Krissy, it's starting to look like a cooler run-off of Beantown Pub, and everybody loves the Beantown Pub!". He's not wrong. This summer will absolutely be one for the books here. Go show them some love, and tell them Krissy told you to, hehe.

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Pictured above is Roger, and pictured below is the moment he told me he had a vision of creating outside seating for this bar six months ago! Cheers to getting a dream done, guys!

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