A Renys truck was spotted in Bangor, and the rumor mill started.

The Bangor Daily News confirmed that the 8th location for Renys is coming to Bangor. They are shooting to open in the spring of 2024. Bangor is very excited, because they've wanted a Renys for a long time.

Micah James Moran Facebook
Micah James Moran Facebook

Just a day before the official announcement, Micah James Moran caught a Reny's truck at the old Christmas Tree Shop location in Bangor. Christmas Tree Shop closed in August and renovations will start early next year on Springer Drive.

Is this really the first new Reny's in eight years?

Yes! The family-owned Maine department store chain has been looking for a place in Bangor. and this is the perfect opportunity. John Reny, the president of R.H. Reny, told the Bangor Daily News,

We are excited to add another Renys location to our group of stores. We have been wanting to expand in the Bangor region and are happy to have found a wonderful location.

The last new Reny's was in Windham back in 2016. They have 18 stores from Wells to Ellsworth, and Bangor now is in the cool club.

Reny's celebrates 75 years in 2024!

Facebook via Reny's
Facebook via Reny's

Renys is as much a Maine tradition as lobster! If you know a Mainer and they haven't shopped at a Renys, they are lying and are not a Mainer. They don't call themselves a Maine adventure for nothing. Mainers are frugal and love a bargain, and that's what Renys is stuffed with.

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