It's been a couple of months since a change was made in Windham, Maine, that some were unsure about, but honestly, has really only brought a change in name.

Smoked Windham

Back in December, the transformation of Binga's Windham to Smoked Windham was made and the completed, but barely felt considering the same amazing staff stayed as did one of the owners.

Not to mention the delicious wings as well as the infamous hilarious signs that Windham residents and visitors have come to know, love, and look forward to.

In fact, the only real difference between Binga's and Smoked, other than the name change, is that now there are a lot more BBQ-type offerings on the menu, ranging from brisket and burnt ends to something as simple as new dry rubs and breading.

But back to the signs, because it looks like Smoked just took two shots in one with their latest sign.

Sydney Rae / Lucas van Oort / smokedwindham via Instagram
Sydney Rae / Lucas van Oort / smokedwindham via Instagram

Maine Weather

It's been an interesting winter so far in 2024, with a solid mix of unseasonably warm weather, one big snowstorm followed by a couple of smaller storms, and every now and then some frigid temperatures along the way.

Combine all those factors and, naturally, roads across the state can easily become icy and need treatment both before and after weather events. However, like other spots in New England, some towns and cities seem to salt better than others.

And, speaking of salt...

French fries in red box, isolated on white background.

McDonald's Fries

Arguably the most popular and craved-after fast food offerings tend to be the fries offered by any and every McDonald's location ever due to the combination of the slight crisp but also slight softness, and the salt.

This actually does have to do with the article and the Smoked sign, by the way.

Because in thinking that McDonald's offers a generous amount of salt on their fries, the sign creators at Smoked decided to reference that when talking about the Windham workers who salt the roads in town.

While definitely a shot at the lack of salt used by town workers on the roads, was that also a shot at the amount of salt used on fries at Mickey D's?

We may never know, but Smoked definitely got their point across, regardless, in their usual, sarcastically savage way. And you just can't help but love them for it.

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