Intoxicated Maine Woman Believes Dairy Queen Is McDonalds, Demands Happy Meal
An unfortunate and potentially dangerous situation that took place at a fast food restaurant in Belfast, Maine has left people from that town outraged. It has also left people fearing for the safety of her children. According to the PenBay Pilot, A 42-year old woman mistakenly drove through the Dairy Queen drive-thru believing that it was the McDonald's drive-thru and demanded that the staff there
McDonald’s Has Launched A Recruitment Campaign Using Anime, All Other Anime Has Been Rendered Obsolete
Oh, you like anime? Yeah, that's pretty cool, I guess, but I've kind of moved past stuff like Dragon Ball and Naruto and onto something a little more sophisticated. Hm? Oh, my favorite series? That's easy: it's called The New McDonald's Recruiting Campaign About A Girl Who Gets A Job At McDonald's And Has To Earn Her Supervisor's Trust and Friendship Through Hard Work And Dedication. It's pretty much the best series I've ever seen.
Rob & Heather play egg roulette
After all of these years, you will never have to swerve through traffic and try to beat those red lights to get to McDonalds before 10:30am for breakfast. Yesterday, they launched their all day breakfast menu.