Alaska Airlines Flight

For the past couple of weeks, one of the biggest stories has obviously been the wildness that happened aboard an Alaska Airlines flight that was leaving Portland, Oregon, and headed toward California.

About 20 minutes into the flight, passengers say it was like multiple movie scenes came to life when a portion of the plane ripped away from the frame, leaving a gaping hole in frame of the plane and nothing separating the passengers from the atmosphere.

Airplane Door

As many now know, and as reported by The Oregonian, a door plug for the aircraft blew out during its initial takeoff ascent, leaving the gaping hole which sucked out a passenger's shoe, a passenger's cell phone, and more.

Thankfully, no passengers were seated in the window seat of that row, but multiple videos are surfacing highlighting the terrifying event.

Other than the above mentioned items, plus a passenger's sock, another passenger's t-shirt, and other easily replaceable items, there were no casualties in the entire incident, although in the comments section of the initial viral TikTok video posted above, mentioned a mother and son sitting in the aisle and the mother having to "drag him back in" (of course, there's no confirmation to the validity of that story.

Along with the relief that no one was seriously or fatally injured in the incident, of course come the jokes -- one of which coming from a popular Maine restaurant notorious for hilarious and sarcastic signs.

smokedwindham via Instagram
smokedwindham via Instagram

Smoked Windham, Maine, Signs

Even though Binga's in Windham is no more, because some of the ownership remained the same in the transition to Smoked, the amazingness, sarcasm, and savagery of the popular signs remain the same.

And in case you were worried they would skip a beat, their sign referencing the entire Alaska Airlines incident should be plenty proof that you'll still be entertained either while driving by or heading in for a bite and a beer.

smokedwindham via Instagram
smokedwindham via Instagram

Life in (and near) Windham would've truly felt empty without the genius of these signs. (And, for the record, we're glad everyone board that flight is safe and sound -- we do have hearts, ya know.)

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