Talk about a surprise. Today, I drove by what looked like a mini-Buffalo Wild Wings in South Portland that I've never seen before, and naturally had to look into. I can't believe I never saw any type of promotion about this on social media, or maybe I just missed it back in December when mainebiz told us all about it (like the fact that Buffalo Wild Wings has four full-service locations in Bangor, Auburn, Topsham, and South Portland, Maine). But this new takeout and delivery location in South Portland's Millcreek Plaza is the first and only of its kind in the entire state. says, "The new location will create 25 full-time and part-time jobs in the community. It will be locally owned and operated by the same franchisees who manage the Buffalo Wild Wings Sports Bar on Western Ave. ensuring a commitment to local growth and familiar quality".

The reason I was over in that area in the first place was because my favorite Shaw's location is in that plaza. Here's some more news. Did you know they recently just had a grand opening of their own? Well, it's a grand "re-opening", and it looks so good in there now.  Who doesn't love a good refresh in their local grocery store?

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